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Beamer FX™ instantly adds video to your phone calls, and lets you display digital pictures directly from your memory cards.


Beamer FX lets you see the people you care about by phone. When not functioning as a videophone, Beamer FX lets you display your digital pictures directly from your memory cards, so that your loved ones are always nearby. Beamer FX shares the following features with our other Beamer videophone models.

  • Works with any home phone (corded or cordless)
  • Works with any standard (analog) phone line
  • No special wiring or equipment
  • No service fees, contracts or subscriptions
  • No additional cost to your phone call
Additional videophone features that are unique to Beamer FX are:
  • Save digital pictures into Beamer FX's internal memory
  • Send and receive digital pictures between Beamer FXs
Beamer FX's integrated digital picture frame feature lets you display digital pictures directly from your memory cards just as easily as the videophone feature.

  • No special wiring
  • No special adaptor
  • No Internet connection
  • No web-based services
Easy Setup
Beamer FX sets up in three easy steps. Simply plug your phone into Beamer FX, plug Beamer FX into your wall phone jack and plug in the power adapter. Beamer FX is now ready to be used as a videophone and as a digital picture frame.

Videophone Performance Features
Beamer FX is designed to provide a wide range of viewing options, while being extremely easy to use … as easy as using your phone.
  • START/VIEWS button initiates video connection and gives you complete control over when the video feature is on or off, ensuring your complete privacy.
  • Three on-screen viewing choices - Self view, Other Party view and Combo view
  • SNAPSHOT/PRIVACY feature temporarily pauses any new video transmission during a video phone call and sends a high resolution image to the other party
  • DETAIL/MOVEMENT control allows you to adjust the degree of video definition based upon your preference.
Integrated Digital Picture Frame Features
Beamer FX is designed to make displaying your digital pictures easy and convenient, while still providing a wide variety number of custom options.
  • Two memory card slots let you display digital pictures directly from your memory cards
  • 4-in-1 reader reads SD™, Memory Stick®, SmartMedia®and MultiMediaCard™ formats
  • CompactFlash® card reader reads CompactFlash® cards (Type I)
  • Send and receive digital pictures
  • Save up to 12 digital pictures into My Album (Beamer FX's internal memory)
  • Display one picture continuously or create a custom slide show
  • Choose from three slideshow interval settings (Slow, Medium and Fast)
  • Choose from three slideshow transition settings (Curtain, Blooming and Vertical Blinds)
Design Features
Beamer FX is specifically designed to fit well in any room setting, so you can proudly display your digital pictures anywhere. It's sleek, slim shape and soft, muted color tones complement any décor.
  • Tinted acrylic frame
  • Clear, bright 3.5" TFT LCD flat screen display
  • Recessed control buttons
  • Skid-proof base
  • Lightweight and portable
System Specifications
Beamer FX is designed to instantly add live, color motion video to your phone calls, over a standard (analog) phone line. The quality of your phone line connection will have some impact on the video quality, just as it always impacts the quality of your audio connection when you call someone. Beamer FX is also designed to read five popular memory card formats, so you can display your digital pictures on the integrated digital picture frame, directly from you memory cards.


Fully ITU-T standard H.324 compliant

Video Input:

Built-in CMOS camera

Video Output:

Built-in TFT LCD screen

Audio Input/Output:

Telephone handset or speakerphone


CompactFlash (Type I), SmartMedia, SD,
MultiMediaCard, MemoryStick supported

File System:

MS-DOS compatible

File Format:


Network Interface:

Transmission speed - max 33.6Kbps


8.6" (H) x 6.0" (W) x 1.9" (D)