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Frequently Asked Questions about Beamer FX Videophone

  Videophone Function FAQs
  Integrated Digital Picture Frame Function FAQs
Videophone Function FAQs
What is Beamer FX videophone and how exactly does it work?
  Beamer FX is a videophone with an integrated digital picture display. It works with any phone over any standard (analog) phone line, to instantly add live, color motion video to your phone call. The video is displayed on a 3.5 inch LCD screen and there is no additional cost for the call. With Beamer FX, you can also send and receive digital pictures, and save them in Beamer FX's internal memory.

When not being used as a videophone, Beamer FX can be used as a digital picture frame. You can display digital pictures directly from memory cards (CompactFlash® (TypeI), Memory Stick®, SD™, SmartMedia®, and MultiMediaCard™), without any camera, computer, special adaptor or wiring, or web-based service.

How much does Beamer FX Videophone cost?
  Beamer FX's MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) is $599.99 for a dual pack, and $299.99 for a single unit.
Where can I purchase a Beamer FX Videophone?
  You can purchase Beamer FX online, at Vialta's Online Store. You can also click on "Retailers", under "Where to Buy" to locate a store near you.
What is the warranty on Beamer FX Videophone?
  Beamer FX comes with a standard consumer electronics warranty, which is 90 days labor and one year on parts.
What is Vialta's return policy on Beamer FX Videophone?
  Vialta's Return Policy may be viewed Online.
Where can I see a live demonstration of Beamer FX Videophone?
  Vialta is currently working with several of its retail partners to provide live demonstrations in retail outlets across the country. Please check back with us for updates and locations of available demonstrations.
Where do I call for customer service support?
  Please call Vialta Customer Care at 1-877-963-8383 or send an email to:
Where can I register my Beamer FX Videophone?
  Please visit our website at to register, or fill out and mail in the product registration card that came with your Beamer FX.
Do I need any special equipment or service to use Beamer FX Videophone?
  No special equipment or special wiring is required. All each person needs is a regular phone, standard (analog) phone line and any Beamer Videophone model (Beamer, Beamer TV or Beamer FX). Most U.S. homes have analog connections installed as the norm. If you are unsure of what type of phone line you have, contact your local telephone service provider to confirm that you have an analog line.
Is there any extra cost to the phone call when using Beamer FX Videophone?
  No, because Beamer FX uses an analog phone line, which is the standard phone line found in the vast majority of American homes, there is no additional cost for a Beamer FX phone call. Beamer FX is designed to work with your current phone service for the same cost as a regular phone call without Beamer FX.
Will I be charged extra service fees when using Beamer FX Videophone?
  No, with Beamer FX, there are no monthly fees, service plans or hidden costs. There are no additional fees associated with using Beamer FX. There is no need to notify your phone company and you will not be charged extra on your phone bill.
If I have a Beamer FX Videophone, but my friend doesn't, can I still use my Beamer FX Videophone to see them?
  Similar to needing two phones to make a phone call, you need two Beamers (Beamer, Beamer TV, or Beamer FX) to add video to your phone call (or one Beamer and a similar H.324 compatible videophone device).
Is Beamer FX Videophone easy to set up?
  Yes, very easy - from "out-of-the-box" to "up-and-running" in less than two minutes. Just plug your phone into Beamer FX, and then plug Beamer FX into your wall phone jack. It's really as simple as plugging in your phone.
Is Beamer FX Videophone easy to use?
  Absolutely. Beamer FX has been specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly. Special attention was given to every detail to ensure ease of use. If you can use a phone, you can use Beamer FX.
What are Beamer FX Videophone's main features?
  Beamer FX adds color motion video to your phone calls, with three viewing options to choose from: you can see the other person you're calling, you can see the video of yourself (a self-view) that is being sent to the other party, or you can choose the picture-in-picture option to see both parties at the same time. Beamer FX also displays a "self-view" while the initial video connection is being made, so that you can preview what the other person will see. Beamer FX can also send and receive digital pictures, and save up to 8 digital pictures in "My Album" - Beamer FX's internal memory
During a Beamer FX Videophone call, what if I want some privacy?
  Beamer FX has a snapshot feature, which sends a high-resolution video image that is displayed on the other party's Beamer FX. This feature doubles as a "privacy mode", temporarily halting any new video transmission for as long as you desire.
Does Beamer FX Videophone work with special phone services?
  Beamer FX is designed to pass the Caller ID information to the telephone connected to Beamer FX. Your Caller ID information will show up on your telephone, just as it would without Beamer FX. (Caller ID is a subscription service offered by your local phone service provider.) At the present time, Beamer FX does not support Call Waiting or 3-way calling.
Is Beamer FX Videophone portable? Can I take it on vacation?
  Beamer FX's sleek, ultra-slim design and light weight make it easy to take with you when you travel. You can use Beamer FX anywhere there is a standard (analog) phone, even when you're on vacation!
What is the video quality?
  Similar to when you place a regular phone call, Beamer FX's video quality depends on a number of variables including the quality of the phone line connection. Changes in the quality of the connection will impact the quality of the video. If you have a normal or good phone line connection, you will see a clear, color motion video of the person you are calling, including details like changes in their facial expression.
Will Beamer FX Videophone work for international calls, and does the distance affect the quality of the call?
  Beamer FX will work for any international phone call as long as both parties have an analog telephone line. Analog lines are standard for phone service in the US and most foreign countries, but there may be a few exceptions. To determine if analog phone service is available in a particular country, we suggest that you have the party you wish to call check with their local phone service provider to verify the type of line available.

The quality of the international call, as with any Beamer FX call, depends on the quality of the phone line and service provided by the calling party's long distance carrier. The quality of the video should be comparable to that of audio, and distance should not affect the quality of the call.

What kind of power supply does Beamer FX Videophone work with?
  Beamer FX has a universal switching power supply, which means it adapts to any power system from 100-240 volts and at either 50-60Hz.
Will I need a plug adapter to use Beamer FX Videophone overseas?
  Yes, you will most likely need a power plug and phone jack adapter in order to use Beamer FX overseas. These types of adapters are available at electronics stores such as Radio Shack in the US
Will Beamer FX Videophone work if I use a calling card to place an overseas call?
  If you typically have a good audio connection using a calling card, your video connection will be comparable. Cards that offer phone service provided by AT&T, MCI and Sprint typically provide good connections. However, Beamer FX will not work with Voice Over IP (VOIP) calling cards. As an alternative to the calling card, you may want to use a major dial around International Long Distance Service (such as 10-10, etc.), which should work well with Beamer FX.
Does Beamer FX Videophone work with an ISDN line?
  Beamer FX will not work with an ISDN line.
Does Beamer FX Videophone work with a PBX office system?
  Beamer FX will work at the office if you connect to an analog line/port, just as you would with a fax machine. It is necessary to use a standard telephone with Beamer FX and not the phone supplied with the PBX. Beamer FX will not work on a digital PBX line.
Does Beamer FX Videophone work with a cell phone?
  Beamer FX works only using an analog phone line. The data rate of a cellular phone will not support a video connection.
Does Beamer FX Videophone work with DSL / ADSL? Do I need a filter?
  Beamer FX will work with the same line as your DSL service, just like your phone. Simply connect Beamer FX on the phone side of the DSL line. However, Beamer FX will not work on your Internet DSL service. Vialta recommends using filters to protect the telephone from the DSL modem signal.
What if I have Digital Phone service through Comcast or Cox cable? Will Beamer FX Videophone work?
  Beamer FX does work with the digital phone service provided by Comcast and Cox Communications since they change the signal to analog in the box outside the house.
Will Beamer FX Videophone work on my college network?
  If the university allows you to bring your own telephone, Beamer FX should work fine. If the university provides the telephone, you should first confirm with them whether the system is analog. You may also ask if they can support dial up modems, as that will usually indicate an analog system, and Beamer FX would work fine.
Is there an audio-video delay when using Beamer FX Videophone?
  Typical delay is 1-1.5 seconds, although the detail/movement setting used by the call's recipient will affect how synchronized the audio and video appear. The greater the detail, the more delay; Greater movement equates to less delay.
What is the frames-per-second (fps) rate on Beamer FX Videophone and what is that rate based on?
  The frames-per-second on Beamer FX range from 4-15fps. The frame rate is based on the following four factors: connection rate, motion in the image, line quality, and the movement/detail setting selected by the recipient.
What is the resolution of Beamer FX Videophone's LCD screen?
  The LCD has a maximum screen resolution of 600 x 234.
Can Beamer FX Videophone connect to a PC Screen or TV to enlarge the picture?
  At this time, Beamer FX is not equipped with output jacks that enable the unit to connect to a computer or TV screen.
What is the bit rate?
  During a video call, Beamer FX can transmit up to 33.6 kbps.
What kind of picture will I get with Beamer FX Videophone? Is it comparable to a broadband connection?
  Beamer FX's video quality is similar to that of a web camera on an ADSL or Cable broadband service. Since Beamer FX is a point-to-point device, delays introduced by the broadband connections are not a concern.
Integrated Digital Picture Frame Function FAQs
How does the integrated digital picture frame feature work?
  Vialta's Beamer FX digital picture frame feature allows users to display their digital pictures directly from 5 different media card types (supports CompactFlash®, Memory Stick®, SD™, SmartMedia®, and MultiMediaCard™), without the need for a computer, camera or USB reader.
What picture format does Beamer FX support?
  Beamer FX only supports the JPEG picture format.
What types of memory does Beamer FX support?
  Beamer FX supports: CompactFlash® (TypeI), Memory Stick®, SD™, SmartMedia®, and MultiMediaCard™.
What are Beamer FX's main features?
  Beamer FX allows you to display your digital pictures directly from a memory card or from My Album, Beamer FX's internal memory. You can pick a single picture for continuous viewing or create your own Custom Slideshow and view hundreds of pictures one after the other.
Why do I only see 6 pictures on a card?
  Use the NEXT button to see the next 6 thumbnails.
Why is the picture display slower with some pictures and faster with others?
  Higher resolution pictures load slower. Try using lower resolution pictures.
Why doesn't Beamer FX display any pictures?
  Make sure that your memory card is inserted properly, that the memory card format is one of the five formats read by Beamer FX, and that the pictures on it are in JPEG format. Also make sure that Beamer FX's power adapter is plugged into an outlet.
Why doesn't Beamer FX display all my pictures?
  Beamer FX can display up to 500 images per directory. Make sure that all of the pictures on the card are in JPEG format, and that the memory card does not contain over 500 pictures.