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Frequently Asked Questions about Beamer TV Videophone
What is Beamer TV videophone and how exactly does it work?
  Beamer TV gives consumers the ability to instantly add video to phone calls using their existing home phone and television. Beamer TV works with any home phone (corded or cordless) over any standard (analog) phone line to display live color motion video of the party you're talking to, on your television screen. Simply pick up your phone, call another person who has Beamer TV (or Beamer), and then press the START/VIEWS button on the remote control.
Do I need any special equipment or service to use Beamer TV videophone?
  No special equipment or wiring is required. All each person needs is a home phone, a home phone (analog) line and a television (NTSC format) with a RCA jack. Analog phone lines are standard for almost all homes in the U.S. If you are unsure of what type of phone line you have, contact your local phone service provider. NTSC is the only television format in the US and almost all of today's televisions have RCA video jacks.
Is there any extra cost to the phone call when using Beamer TV videophone?
  No, because Beamer TV uses an analog phone line there is no additional cost for a Beamer TV videophone call. Beamer TV is designed to work with your current phone service for the same cost as a regular phone call without Beamer TV.
Will I be charged extra service fees when using Beamer TV videophone?
  No, with Beamer TV, there are no monthly fees, service plans or hidden costs. There are no additional fees associated with using Beamer TV.
Where do I plug Beamer TV videophone into my television?
  Plug Beamer TV into the RCA video input jack on your television, using the 6-foot video cable that comes with your Beamer TV. If the video input jacks on your television are full, you can use a video input on your VCR. If your television does not have a RCA video input jack (usually an older TV model), you can use a RF modulator to connect Beamer TV to your television's antenna input.
Why is there no audio output directly from Beamer TV videophone?
  Beamer TV is designed to be used with your TV and your home phone. With audio being transmitted over your phone line, your telephone handset (or the speakerphone on your telephone base) is the best choice for delivering the telephone audio quality most consumers are familiar and comfortable with on a daily basis.
What kind of power supply does Beamer TV videophone use?
  Beamer TV has a universal switching power supply, which means it adapts to any power system from 100-240 volts and at either 50-60Hz.
If I have a Beamer TV, but my friend doesn't, can I still use my Beamer TV videophone to see them?
  Similar to needing two phones to make a phone call, you need two Beamer TV units, or a combination of Beamer TV and another Beamer model, to make a videophone call. (All Beamer models are also compatible with most other H.324 devices.)
Is Beamer TV videophone compatible with Beamer?
  Yes, Beamer TV is fully compatible with all other Beamer models.
Is Beamer TV videophone easy to set up?
  Yes, very easy - from "out-of-the-box" to "up-and-running" in about 5 minutes. Just plug your phone into Beamer TV and plug Beamer TV into your wall phone jack using the phone cords provided. Then plug Beamer TV into your television's RCA video input jack with the video cable provided, and plug in the Beamer TV power adapter.
Is Beamer TV videophone easy to use?
  Absolutely. Beamer TV has been specifically designed to be extremely user-friendly. Special attention was given to every detail to ensure that anyone could use Beamer TV. If you can use a phone, you can use Beamer TV.
Is Beamer TV videophone portable? Can I take it on vacation?
  Beamer TV's sleek, ultra-slim design and light weight make it easy to take with you when you travel. Just like at home - Beamer TV works over an analog line, connected to a RCA jack on a NTSC format television (which is the only television format in the U.S.) At the present time, Beamer TV will not work on a PAL or SECAM format television. We also recommend checking with your travel location to ensure that there is an analog line and television with RCA jack available.
What are Beamer TV 's main features?
  Beamer TV adds live, color motion video to your phone calls via your television screen. You can choose from three viewing options: Self view, Other Party view, and Combo view which displays both calling parties simultaneosly on the television screen. Beamer TV will display a "Self view" while the initial video connection is being made, so that you can preview what the other party will see. This is especially helpful in making sure that Beamer TV's camera is angled correctly to capture where you will be sitting during the videophone call.

The remote control also has buttons that control the clarity and smothness of movement of the video. For greater detail, use the DETAIL button. For a more fluid video, use the MOVEMENT button.

During a Beamer TV videophone call, what if I want some privacy?
  Beamer TV has a snapshot feature, which sends a high-resolution video image that is displayed on the other party's Beamer. This feature temporarily halts any new video transmission for as long as you desire, until you press the SNAPSHOT button again.
Does Beamer TV videophone work with DSL / ADSL? Do I need a filter?
  Beamer TV will work with the same line as your DSL service, just like your phone. Simply connect Beamer TV on the phone side of the DSL line. However, Beamer TV will not work on your Internet DSL service. Vialta recommends using filters to protect Beamer TV from the DSL modem signal.
Does Beamer TV videophone work with special phone services?
  Beamer TV is designed to pass the Caller ID information to the telephone connected to Beamer TV. Your Caller ID information will show up on your telephone, just as it would without Beamer TV. (Caller ID is a subscription service offered by your local phone service provider.) At the present time, Beamer TV does not support Call Waiting or 3-way calling.
What is the video quality?
  Similar to when you place a regular phone call, Beamer TV's video quality depends on a number of variables including the quality of the phone line connection. Changes in the quality of the connection will impact the quality of the video. If you have a normal or good phone line connection, you should see a clear, color motion video of the person you are calling, including details like changes in their facial expression.
How much do Beamers TV videophones cost?
  Beamer TV's MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) is $149.99 for a single unit.
Where can I purchase a Beamer TV videophone?
  You can purchase Beamer TV online, at You can also click on "Retailers", under "Where to Buy" to locate a store near you.
What is the warranty on Beamer TV videophone?
  Beamer TV comes with a standard consumer electronics warranty, which is 90 days labor and one year on parts. For complete warranty details visit our website at
Will Beamer TV videophone work for international calls, and does the distance affect the quality of the call?
  Beamer TV will work on international calls between two Beamer TV videophones, or Beamer TV and Beamer. Analog phone lines and NTSC format televisions are required for connections with any Beamer TV. Analog lines are the standard phone service in the U.S. as well as many foreign countries, with some exceptions. NTSC format televisions are standard in the U.S. but may foreign countries use PAL or SECAM formats as their television standard. We recommend that you have the party who lives in the country you wish to call confirm they have a NTSC television to use with Beamer TV and check with their local phone service provider to verify the type of phone line available.

Distance should not affect the quality of the international call, and the video quality should be comparable to the audio quality. As with any Beamer TV call, the video quality depends on the phone line and service provided by the calling party's long distance carrier.

What else do I need to set Beamer TV videophone up outside of the U.S.?
  A different phone plug and a power plug adapter may be required depending on the foreign country.
Remember that Beamer TV requires a connection to a NTSC format television, which is standard in the U.S., and may be available in other foreign countries.
Will Beamer TV videophone work if I use a calling card to place an overseas call?
  If you usually have a good audio connection using a calling card, your video connection will be comparable. Cards that offer phone service provided by AT&T, MCI and Sprint typically provide good connections. However, Beamer TV may not work with Voice Over IP (VOIP) calling cards. As an alternative to the calling card, you may want to use a major dial around International Long Distance Service (such as 10-10, etc.), most of which should work well with Beamer TV.
Does Beamer TV videophone work with an ISDN line?
  At the present time, Beamer TV will not work with an ISDN line.
Does Beamer TV videophone work with a cell phone?
  Beamer TV is designed to work with an analog phone line, which is the standard for homes in the US Beamer TV is not designed to work with a cell phone.
What if I have Digital Phone service through Comcast or Cox cable? Will Beamer TV videophone work?
  Beamer TV does work with the digital phone service provided by Comcast and Cox Communications, since they change the signal to analog in the box outside the house. If you can use a V.90 56K modem or fax machine on a phone line, then you should be able to use Beamer TV on that same phone line.
Will Beamer TV videophone work on my college network?
  If the university allows you to bring your own standard home telephone, Beamer TV should work fine with the phone and your television. If the university provides the telephone, you should first confirm with them whether or not their phone system is analog. You may also ask if they can support dial up modems, as that will usually indicate an analog phone system, and Beamer TV should work fine.
Is there an audio-video delay when using Beamer TV videophone?
  The typical delay is approximately 1-1.5 seconds. However, Beamer TV's detail/movement setting, which can be adjusted by the call's recipient, will affect how synchronized the audio and video appear. Beamer TV's set to display the maximum degree of detail on the videophone call may experience a longer delay than those set to display slightly less detailed but more fluid movement on screen.
What is the frames-per-second (fps) rate on Beamer TV videophone and what is that rate based on?
  The frames-per-second rate on Beamer TV ranges from 4 fps to 15 fps. The frame rate is based on all of the following factors: connection rate, motion in the image, line quality, and the detail/movement setting.
What is Vialta's return policy on Beamer Videophone?
  Vialta's Return Policy may be viewed at

Where can I see a live demonstration of Beamer TV videophone?

  Many of Vialta's retail partners have displays which demonstrate how easy Beamer TV is to set up and use. Vialta is also currently working with several of its retail partners to provide live demonstrations whenever possible. Please check back with us for updates and locations of scheduled demonstrations.
What is the bit rate?
  During a video call, Beamer TV can transmit up to 33.6 Kbps.
What kind of picture will I get with Beamer TV videophone? Is it comparable to a broadband connection?
  Beamer TV's video quality is similar to that of a web camera on an ADSL or cable broadband service. Since Beamer TV is a point-to-point device, it does not have to worry about the delays introduced by the broadband connections.